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Where are points stored?

Question asked by aperrotte on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by pkethireddy1717

Hey Dev Community,


I've been writing a series of postgres reports to help our community managers extract specific data about our JIVE instance and activity. In my latest report there was a request for user "points". We have yet to implement Bunchball in our instance but plan to do so down the road. My assumption is that Bunchball trumps the out of the box point system. For anyone with experience in delving through the database I was hoping for a helping hand identifying where user points reside.


Currently I've been pulling my info out of the core schema, but can download the activity or eae schemas if necessary, Also are Bunchball's points stored on their servers or does their module store user points in the jive database? neil.heassler, advised to pose this question to the community. Any help is appreciated.



Aaron J. Perrotte