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How do I create and use Tiles / Widgets in Jive 7

Question asked by markuslachinger on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by Ryan Rutan

I am trying to create custom tiles in Jive 7. Looking at the existing ones like i.e. "Top Participants" I could not find where they are registered into the Tiles selection.


I copied the code of into my plugin (only changed name, title and package), added it as a widget in the plugin.xml, restarted Jive and added the class in admin -> system -> widgets. It successfully shows up in the list of widgets.


However I cannot see it in the Tiles selection nor can I find another way to add the new widget. Where else do I have to register the widget to make it work? 


And second question is, am I limited to tiles or can I embed "old style" widgets in other places in my communities? Also can I add a widget to the profile page without overwriting the template in a theme?