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How to Add  a new Supported  Video Site to the Rich Text Editor

Question asked by Vishwa on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by moesingh

Hello Jive Developers,

                                 I am new to  trying some developments on Jive Platform.

One customization that I am trying to work now is on, allowing our Rich Text Editor , to enable Rendering  of Videos Hosted on a site that is used to internally host Videos.

Since as shown in the below screen, Jive Supports adding only videos hosted on certain domains and the Insert Video link, doesn't even become active on giving links from other sites.


There are Macros written to Render the video from particular  sites only and other Sites are just filtered out. So, how do we edit the Settings of this filter and   where can we get the information, that can help us write the Macro for new Video Site ?


Could any one here please help me, by guiding where I can find some information , to implement this change ?