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How to implement REST services for a custom content type in Jive 6?

Question asked by jliano on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by amit.mahajan

I'm creating a new content type and I am basing most of it on the Document/DbDocument code that Jive core uses.


I've got the struts action configured and the soy templates to display the input form and load all the additional soy templates, including the submit button. Upon clicking submit the application tries to do a post to: /__services/v2/rest/[content-type]


I can't find a way to define the Web Service in spring so that it receives the calls made by the client.


<jaxrs:server id="[content-type]RestService" address="/v2/rest/[content-type]">


<ref bean="[content-type]ContentService" />



             <ref bean="secureJacksonJsonProvider"/>

             <ref bean="internalRestExceptionMapper"/>




I was going down the path of mimicking how the documents are done, but just creating a Service Class that extends ContentService<C,U> doesn't seemed to be picked up and I can't get the webservice to respond .


Any help or push in the right direction is appreciated it.