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A Valuable Time Had By One and All...

Question asked by noreenp on May 12, 2011
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Yesterday, was our first Rolling Jive Users Group Meeting and a valuable time was had by all attendees! The meeting was a mix of business and technical discussions. Several companies were represented including: Juniper Networks, SAP, NetApp, and Hitachi. We took a consensus vote and decided to continue our rolling user group. We will be meeting every two months-- so our next meeting will be in July and we have a company whose has tentatively stepped forward to be our next host company.


As we move forward we will seek to improve the format to ensure even greater value to all our attendees. This brings me to the discussion portion of my post. I would like to create an agreed upon format that we follow. This is a brainstorming question. I will present an optional format only to get those creative juices flowing and ask for you to send variations. After gathering the options proposed I will set up a poll and we can vote on the option we like best. Stay tuned!


Here is one optional format:

Meeting duration: An hour and Half

Time: Afternoon-- 3-4:30 or 2-3:30

Proposed Format:

First 30 minutes:

Host Company gives an overview of their Jive implementation:

  • How Long Been with Jive?
  • Internal or External Implementation?
  • Number of Users?
  • Biggest Success?
  • Biggest Lesson Learned?
  • Current biggest challenge?
  • (includes 15 minutes of Q & A or specific discussion)



Next 60 minutes: Split into two groups:

  • Technical discussion
  • Business discussion


If we chose to follow this format we would call for two technical topics and two business topics...


Please lets us know if this works for you. Or if you have an alternative proposal.


Please keep in mind the goal for these user group meetings is to help each other, to learn and share experiences, and toform relationships that can aide us as we work on this wonderful platform and forge a path in this ever broadening new field.