How Would You Rate the Q2-2014 Jive Developer Webinar?

Poll created by Ryan Rutan on Jun 12, 2014

As we look to improve our developer webinars and make them more valuable to you, we wanted to get your thoughts. 


Please rate the Webinar on the following merits:

  • Tone - Was the tone what you expected, did it keep you engaged?
  • Content - Was the content worthwhile informative?
  • Procedural - Timeliness of start/stop, usage of technology to enhance experience, not hinder
  • Format - Best Use of the Time to Showcase Materials?
  • Overall - Would you come back for the next Webinar?


If you have specific feedback for us regarding any of the above topics (or anything else as well), please let us know in the comments below.


We look forward to learning from our developer community on how to best serve you and do our best to keep you informed!

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