Developers: Ant or Maven for your Jive development environment?

Poll created by rickpalmer on Oct 22, 2010

For those of you who have taken our online developer training course, you've seen that it uses Ant as the build tool.  It's integrated into the Eclipse IDE and only has to be run once to compile the Jive project one time, and then all of your development efforts are focused on themes or plugins (which don't require a recompile of the main application).


We are starting to hear interest in a maven-based development kit that would use the same lab exercises, but would use Maven as the build tool.  I'd like to get a feel from you how useful it would be to have both a maven and ant dev kit available in the developer training course.


We use the Ant dev kit because there's zero configuration involved, and we don't want to waste time during onsite training in getting Maven configured.  However, we recognize that some of you may already have Maven installed and configured on your systems, and might therefore prefer a Maven dev kit.


Please vote and share your opinion!

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  • I like the Ant build and it's worked well for us
  • I use Maven and would like to have a Maven dev kit
  • Either one is fine with me