Thanks to everyone for making the un-conference great!

Blog Post created by mark.weitzel on Apr 26, 2013

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that participated in our first "unconference" / "user group" / "meetup". Despite some initial demo woes (msanders I am already signed up for Open Shift), the event went great!! Everyone was able to get out, network a bit, learn some new stuff, and eat some awesome pizza. Personally, I'm excited to try this again in another venue, and jlevi & I started talking about if we could do one of these in New York. If you are interested, please let me know!


There are some people that were instrumental in making this event happen & deserve a special shout out!

Props to mrudski: Kick Ass!

Definitely Chuck for Marc. He helped with the initial brainstorming of the idea and encouraged the larger Fidelity team to participate.


Without Mason, the unconference would have been at a Panera Bread. THANKS!!! for arranging all the facilities at Redhat. It was fantastic & hopefully the first of many.


Props to jad.talbert: Beer!

I owe Jad at least one beer for all his efforts with the unconference. That said, he owes the rest of us some of Carolina's finest beverage. Seems like fair, no?


Props to scottmclfmr: Genius!

Had a great session ready to go on project management for the unconference! NICE!


Totally nailed the session on community management. Everyone was completely engaged and came away with a ton of knowledge. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!

And last, but definitely not least....

Fantastic & incredible job helping drive the organization, content, and every other miscellaneous thing that would not have gotten done! And for bringing Randall.