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It feels like a life time ago that I last blogged when Pearson moved to the Cloud, i've got married and had a baby since then, there have been two Jive Worlds, a new prime minister in the UK, a new president in the US and Jive are now part of the Aurea family. Time flies when you're having fun working in communities.


Here at Pearson we felt it was time to shake things up in our Neo community. And the shake up came in the shape of this beautiful tile from the team at Social Edge Consulting.


We're talking about the The specified item was not found. and we implemented it into Neo just last week. It is fair to say i'm in LOVE. I'm also a little embarrassed to say that I spent my Friday night putting it into as many places on Neo as I was allowed (surprisingly few as I don't community manager as many places as I used to) but enough to show you some wonderful examples of it in action.


Firstly we've added it to our homepage. Pearson has a massive blog culture, all our Execs, SVPs and VP's blog as part of their communication and engagement strategy. But displaying our senior teams content was only possible using the superlist tile and even then it only showed the title of the blog. We now have all of our execs listed in the blog tile and we can choose to display the image from the blog or their profile photo.


The blog tile is on the right hand side see below:


We've had instant feedback about how beautiful it looks and how it is so much more engaging. I also like that it will encourage some healthy competition to remain on the top spot as we only display the last 6 blog posts.


When it comes to the community you can play around with the list view or you can use the masonry view. It depends on the set up you have for your page and your preference.


We've used it in a variety of ways for example in one of Business Units that splits into geographies, we've combined the leadership blogs much like the execs on our homepage:


But for the UK under core we've created a news page and combined the two types of view on the one page as there are a variety of places that serve the UK business.



Our community managers LOVE it! I love it and the rest of the Neo team LOVE it! Thank you so much to Social Edge for creating such a wonderful and versatile tile, it has given our community a real lift. Implementation was seamless and we're already reaping the benefits across the community.



CC Oliver Beirne Xena Lappin Andrew Kratz Dina Vekaria-Patel umillm6


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