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Dynamic Slideshow in HTML Widget--Error Help?

Question asked by Brad.Fitzgerald on Oct 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2012 by Brad.Fitzgerald

Ok, first off, I am not a strong coder or programmer.  I have the capacity to understand it, but not one to create it.  I need some help.


My users are very visual, and I am looking for ways to hilight content visually--with pictures, graphics, etc.  I've been exploring Java and DHTML a bit and added a basic slideshow with code I found here:  I walked through the little wizard, copied the code and pasted it into the HTML widget and Viola, it worked.  I was then able to add a few tags to make it look like I wanted.



The basic slide show code works, but it isn't ideal for 2 reasons--the images don't rotate automatically (you have to click play) and you can't link them to other content (this is huge).  So I tried the Slideshow 2 code found here:  But when I paste it into an HTML widget, i get an error.  Specifically--'document.images.imgslide' is nul or not an object.


Any ideas?