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What are some of your best and worst customer support experiences of all time?

Question asked by Ryan Rutan on Dec 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2012 by nikhilnulkar

Social Business is definitely the new way to get work done, soon to be the only way.  But sometimes change happens so fast that we lose sight of the old way and just how far we've come, or how far is still left to go.  It is difficult for any one person (or company) to have a comprehensive perspective in something as broad as customer support, so  as we look towards the new year, we thought it would be interesting to ask our customers to share anecdotes about their "Best of Times" and "Worst of Times" as it pertains to customer support.


Our Goal:

Listen for common themes across all the answers (good and bad) and see if we can paint a picture of the "state of the union" as it relates to customer support and social business.


Detail considerations:

  • When did this take place?
  • What were the goods/services?
  • Background Information:  Any contextual information (Pre/Post Sales, etc...) that may be relevant to help convey the sentiment in the appropriate light.
  • Vendor Industry?  (Please refrain from directly mentioning any company names)
    • However, clever fictitious company names that rhyme will not be discouraged.
  • Vendor Size (local, chain, online, enterprise, etc..)
  • Sentiment:  Great, Mediocre, Infuriating, sad_panda