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What systems/apps have you replaced with Jive?

Question asked by tim.zonca on Jul 7, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by russell.pearson

If you've used Jive for any amount of time it's no surprise that customers have replaced existing technologies with their Jive communities. We've see replacements of all sorts – from unsanctioned, Web 2.0 apps like Yammer and TWiki to traditional IT systems like Documentum and eRooms.


In fact, in the survey we conducted late last year, here are some of the systems respondents replaced with Jive (note: this is by no means exhaustive, but rather represents a list of the systems that were commonly mentioned). BaseCamp, Confluence, daptiv, Documentum, Drupal, eRooms, FuseTalk, Lithium, Lotus Notes applications, Moodle, Ning, OneOrZero, Onesite, Oracle Portal, Peachtree, SharePoint, SiteScape, SocialText, Twiki, vBulletin, Vignette, WebSphere, WordPress, Yammer


What about you? Have you replaced any systems and apps with Jive? What's your story?