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Identifying Community's FTL files and overriding them

Question asked by mdurand on May 21, 2009
Latest reply on May 23, 2009 by jongarrison

     I'm developing some functionality for Jive 2.5.4 which involves including some custom javascript code only in the templates of the Space's view.

     I could identify some of this templates by reading the actions in struts-community.xml, others by trial and error in CLASSES/TEMPLATES/GLOBAL.


    I would like to know a better way to identify this templates,  because when I see a url like :




     The procedure would be to search for the "poll-post" action in struts-community.xml, to get the name of the FTL being displayed.


     But when the url is :




     It's difficult.


     Is there another xml file I should take a look at?  Where can I see the url-template relationships ? And.. is it available a way to override this url-template name relationship, for example... in a similar way to uploading a plugin (overriding actions by extending the specified package in struts-community, in the plugin's struts.xml).


I found (FTL Templates and Descriptions)


But I would like to know of a possoble better approach/recommendations


Thanks so much.