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Discussion created by adrianng3 on Feb 22, 2012

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Dear support,


There is something odd on our The sorting by status seems to be broken.

here is an example. Notice the order of the users: 103, 120, 86, 110, 82, ...

Notice that the other displayed columns cannot provide any explanation either

(the user with 103 points has fewer Followers & Following, yet he shows up higher than the user with 120 points).



Is my expectation wrong? Is there any magic formula that is computed and that score is then used for this sorting?





Hello Adrian,


Thank you for submitting your case regarding sort by status.  The problem you have experienced is a known issue. This case is now linked to engineering's Jira issue tracking platform, via Jira number JIVE-12388,  and will be updated upon the release of any development fix.





Crystal clear. Thank you.

This bug, JIVE-12388, it is still present in the version When we got the update from to it worked (or it was a one time reordering leaving the impression that it works). But now it is definitely broken again, as you can see in the picture below. Jive_people_by_status_02.JPG

Hello Adrian,



Bug, JIVE-12388 is still set as unresolved and has no fixed JIVE-12388 version. This case would have been updated if the issue had been resolved. Please let me know if you have any other questions.





Well, something different and unexpected happened: the sorting by status is completely gone!


I can see how this was the consequence of the new feature: user levels and user badges

(that we got in the latest update of


Nevertheless, it is very unfortunate that is has not been replaced with any similar feature.

It is not possible, when browsing users, to filter by their level or by their badges, for example.

BTW, it is also completely mysterious to us how levels and badges work at all. Thank you for pointing me

to an explanation of these new features


To conclude, the old bug complaint is now a feature request:

we should be able to sort the list of users by their level (descending sorting at least).



OK. So now also have this system with Level and Badges for users.

But still No way to sort users by their Level. Why and how comes that this feature is dropped?

Any Jive folks to comment on the feature regression?


A disappointed user.


P.S. Any explanation page with the overview of the new feature (do we gain points the same way,

which levels are there, how is the conversion from old points to new levels+points, etc.).

In fact, where is the announcement that introduces the new features to all users? What did I miss?

So, Jive 6.0.1 is out (Jive 6.0.1 is now available) and still no possibility to sort people by their level.

IS there anything we can do to foster this Case #171833. Any idea when it will be addressed?





something new on this?

We missed the status level in section "People" just the following coints are listet.


Best Regards