Unsupported Browser Error for IE6 when running IE8?

Discussion created by TGal on Sep 30, 2011

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Recently when trying to access Jive Communities via Internet Explorer 8 I get the following error message:


As you can see from the screenshot - I am running Internet Explorer 8. Any ideas what is wrong?


Works perfectly on Firefox!


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Has no one got an answer for this question? My error message just has a new background now - very frustrating!

I'm getting the same thing running IE7.

Did you ever find a fix TGal?

I am still having this issue on IE10 but also running it in IE8 and 9 modes. I cant find how to set the paramater allowContinue to true which would at least display a continue anyways button

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This is a known issue, JIVE-13239 /JIVE-16590, that affects Jive Custom version 5.0.0, 5.0.1, and 5.0.2. It is resolved in version 5.0.3+.  Please note that Jive 5.x has reached its Product Support End of Life (EOL) Dates and Policy, so we recommend that you upgrade to our latest release in order to resolve this issue.  You can read more about the issue and how to work around it in our Jive Knowledge Base article,  Issue Workaround: IE 7, 8, 9, or 10 Displays IE6 Unsupported Browser Page.