How to Turn off HTML Filter?

Discussion created by enajeeb on Oct 27, 2010

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I want to add a HTML widget on a certain community overview tab with this piece of code.



But HTML filtering is stripping out <link> and <script> tags upon rendering.


I also tried copying global filters to the community. Then removing the <link> and <script> items from the "List of Tags to be removed" section, but it does not work.


Also after restarting the server the changes i made to "List of Tags to be removed" section got reverted back to default settings.







Hi Emad,


If your user isn't an administrative user, the HTML widget will remove all script tags from the content. If that's the case, you could have a system or space administrator add the javascript. There is more information about this situation in this document: Embedded Javascript and HTML widgets.


As for the list of tags, there is also an unmodifiable list of excluded tags that cannot be modified. You can exclude additional tags, but it is not possible to remove these tags from the list of tags that will be removed.