Font list for customization?

Discussion created by droskill on May 14, 2009

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I'm using Jive via Jive hosting - and I want to understand which fonts I have control over in the theming process.  I've read the UI customization document, but it doesn't document the styles that are available for editing.  Is there a CSS file I can look for customization purposes?


Secondly, the rich text editor has a Style menu - what controls those styles?






Hi Damian,


Customizing the CSS in SBS is very simple.  Here is a document that should have everything you need to know: Creating Custom CSS Classes in Themes.


As for customizing the styles in the rich text editor, the tags in the Style menu just use the standard header tags ( <h1>, <h2>, etc. ).  If you want to customize the way those look, simply style the h tags.  However, this will change the look of header tags across the entire web site.



Any idea how to add the import for external fonts so I can reference these in a class?