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Discussion created by CMormino on Mar 7, 2011

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We have just upgraded to the 4.5 version.  We have written an HTML code to change the color scheme in my community pages which works fine but when I try to use it for a group, it is rejected.  I know I was able to change the color scheme with the older version.  Has something changed?


Hello Christina,


I'd like to recreate the situation here and attempt to track down what is wrong - in order to do that I will need the custom HTML/CSS and an overview of how you set it up on your system. Also, would you please answer the following:


Which version did it work on before? Are you on version 4.5.5 now?

Which browser(s) have you tested it on?


... when I try to use it for a group, it is rejected.


Are you just unable to see the changes taking effect or is the system showing an error/message (if so, when/what is the error/message displayed)?




Yes, we are working in version 4.5.5 now, I believe the old version was 3.0/Internet Explorer.


Here is the code (noting again that it works for Communities):



span.jive-widget-refresh {background-color: #729abd;background-image: none;}

.jive-widget .jive-widget-header {background-color: #729abd;background-image: none;}

.jive-widget-header-refresh {background-color: #729abd;background-image: none;}

body {color: #685c53; font-family: Arial;}

jive-widget-header jive-box-header   {background-color: #729abd;background-image: none;}

h4.jive-widget-handle {color:white;}



What happens is - the title changes, but the content doesn't and when I hit save properties, this appears...


3-7-2011 1-08-04 PM.jpg

Aside from the title change, it doesn't acknowledge that I added content.



Thanks for the prompt reply, I am looking into this now and will get back to you ASAP!



Hi Christina,


I am unable to replicate the problem here on my end. I successfully set the CSS (via the HTML widget) for both the community and specific groups on my local instance. I'm sure you have already verified this but just to throw it out there, you are positive you input the CSS for the group exactly as typed above? Is there additional content that you did not include above that may be rendering the style tag invalid?


If your goal is to have the CSS affect the theme on a global basis, I can help you change the global settings to make that to happen. This would save you time in the future if you are adding this CSS to every page with widgets and would only take about 5-10 minutes to implement. You will still be able to override the changed global settings in the manner you are right now. Does this sound like a valid option?




Yes, I copied and pasted exactly what I put in my HTML to you.


Unfortunately, this can not be global. Each area has their own theme and I make these changes on an as requested basis only.


Since the upgrade is new, I am thinking it might be a glitch and will check with our administrative team.


Thank you for your help.



Based on your reply, I realized you are likely logging in as a non-admin user to implement these changes for the groups. Upon further research I found that certain  tags in HTML widget content - created by users without admin privileges - are stripped by the system as a security measure. The document can be read here.


...tags removed from content not posted by system or space administrators include <iframe>, <style>, <link>, <meta>, and <base> in additon to <script> tags. Setting the jive.htmlwidget.cleansejavascript property to false will disable ALL scrubbing, allowing any of the above tags to be embedded by non-administrative users.


Changing the jive.htmlwidget.cleansejavascript property to false will likely solve your problem, but is not recommended for certain installations as it opens up the possibility for cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.


Would you like assistance changing the property setting?