Jive Task feature as a Project Management tool

Discussion created by ken312 on Sep 9, 2010

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We're in the process of evaluating Jive SBS. We're looking to use SBS to replace a few existing apps. One of them is a lite Project Management tool.


We like Jive's Task Feature, but it isn't as robust as we'd like. Is there a way to use tasks as tickets with built in numbering/naming system? Maybe thru a widget?


Hi Ken,


For that, I'd recommend something custom, perhaps similar to what we built for Jive's own support case management. While we don't sell this as a product or plugin, our professional services organization can create such a custom element.


(BTW, I've moved this discussion into our Support area so that you can see what I'm talking about)

Woops, my apologies. You can't see the support case fields. But, basically, it's a custom content type, which you could create using Jive's custom content type capabilities.

Are there any working examples that I can see?

Of what? A custom content type? Sure, just select New - Idea from the user bar. That's an example of a custom content type, but note that "custom" means you can make it what you need it to be.

I was actually thinking about the support case management.

Ah ok. If you're a Jive customer, you could ask your company's Jive technical contact to grant you access to your company's Jive support area. Sorry, that's all I can offer, unfortunately!