Cross-Functional Collaboration: Communicating Your Vision and Expectations

Discussion created by someara51 on Dec 5, 2018

Communicating your vision and expectations - how you want users to utilize your group - is key to adoption and aligning expectations. Even if you are unable to attend our session, you can still use this strategy to enhance your group.


Using a Document Viewer tile (for tile-based groups) or Formatted Text widget (widget-based groups) you can display a short blurb about your group and how you expect users to interact (ask questions, post documents, share information, etc.). Have additional details to share? You can link to a longer blog to provide additional details and a few getting started tips for your group members . You can use the examples below to start a blurb and welcome blog for your own group.


Sample blurbs (from real VA Pulse groups):


Sample blogs:


You can make a copy of the example blurbs listed above for your own group by opening the link and clicking on Create a Copy along the right side. Make sure you save it as a blog and change the publication location to your group. Hint: You can check mark the box Minor Edit before you publish, so your group followers won't be sent a notification about the publication of your blurb. Note: You cannot make a copy of the blogs (Create a Copy is only available for documents, not blogs) but you can highlight and copy and paste any text you would like to use.


Have other ideas for communicating your vision and expectations for group members? Let us know by leaving a comment below.