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How to get Analytics in custom Add-On Jive Cloud?

Question asked by james1.hicks on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by sscullion

I asked a similar question a few months ago about using google analytics in Jive Cloud. I had meant to ask about using it in custom Jive Hosted Add Ons/Apps.


With Google Analytics, it seems you need to know the site url in order to track things. Because custom Add Ons are loaded through an iframe and Jive has its own url for those, I'm unsure how to go about getting Analytic information from within the application. We've been using Jive's Analytics API exclusively up until now.




We are in process of consolidating several custom Add Ons in our Add On list into a single one (so we only upload one add on comprising of several tools). These separate tools in this one Add On will still be accessible individually, through tabs or something similar. We are looking to get analytics for each tool visit as a unique visit so it imitates how jive looks at Add On analytics currently. We want to keep track of user, session, and tool name/id (to keep track of tool). At first glance, setting each tab to have its own path ('/path') and having GA look at that seems the right direction. But I'm unsure what GA is looking at, jive's app url or the instance url ('apps/...').


I'm also fairly new to GA and I'm having difficulty imagining how analytics would work within an iframe and a single page application.


Once we find this out, this opens up the possibility of doing more analytics inside of all our add ons.



Anyone with experience doing analytics on a Custom Jive Hosted Add On? Any similar to this use case? Experience with Google Analytics in a Single Page App? In iframes?


I am more than willing to clarify if anything is fuzzy! We have not started development of this yet, so figuring this out now will be amazing for this project.



Thank you,