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Controlling Embedded Jive Video's Height and Width? what is the default?

Question asked by james1.hicks on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Jonathan Block

I am making an add-on that is a basic UI that pulls in videos from a particular space. I am embedding the video based on the download options depending on selected video. I am targeting a specific resolution in the downloadOptions with the hope of having consistency across all videos because I noticed when I grabbed the url with the 'source' displayName that there didn't seem to be a standard size.


Still, even when grabbing the same resolution for all videos (targeting the 480 vresultion for example)  I have some videos that have a larger height and width and once loaded, causes the some of the content below to go outside of the iframe. I could use adjustHeight but I still don't want the video sizes to vary between each other that they affect the UI.


Any ideas?