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Hosting static website on AWS and serving through Jive Add On?

Question asked by james1.hicks on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by james1.hicks

We are attempting to switch over the way we store and serve our add-ons to AWS. We've using Jive Hosted add ons up until this point.


My theory on how this would work would be to:

1. Create an app with 'jive-sdk create app' that gives all the necessary meta data and files for jive add ons.

2. Somewhere in this created file structure add a reference to the URL that AWS gives for an s3 bucket.

3. Create extension with "jive-sdk build add-on"

4. Upload extension to Add-Ons in instance


This method seems logical on keeping things updated seemlessly without having to upload the add on every single time there is a change. In this way, I'd just have to update the files through AWS and anywhere my add on/tool is reference will get updated automatically.



Has anyone attempted to have their front end hosted on AWS (S3 etc) and have it successfully be served in an uploaded add on? Can you help point me in the areas in the jiveconfiguration or defintion or xml files I might need to update with the bucket URL?


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