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How do I get app configuration to work?

Question asked by nicolez on May 16, 2018

I am trying to get configuration for a simple test app working. I went through the steps on this tutorial to create a simple app with NodeJS: Getting Started > Creating an App with the Jive Node SDK . Then I tried adding a `config_url` to `jiveclientconfiguration.json`. This got me the option to "Configure Now" on the settings page of my test app. But when I click to configure, I get a blank configure popup and a weird JS error in my dev console. I have attached a gif showing the behavior.


It's worth saying that I am new to the Jive Developer Community. This is my first time looking at Jive Apps so I expect I am just not setting up one of my conf files correctly. I have looked around the help articles but haven't found anything yet that helps get past this. So any guidance would be appreciated.