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Enable JavaScript in HTML Tile/Widget

Question asked by mikhaillenko on Jun 14, 2017
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I am a Space Administrator and I cannot discover how to enable JavaScript within HTML Widgets/Tiles for Space Administrators. Apparently this is either done through system preferences (Admin console —> System —> Settings —> html.widget.safemode.enabled set to false; per Embedded Javascript and HTML widgets) or it is done through permissions of some sort (Admin console —> Permissions —> Other Content Permissions (?) —> mark Save JavaScript (??); per HTML Tile changes in 2016.1).


Regarding the first potential method, one administrator left a comment that he/she did not see this option (I do not see this html.widget.safemode.enabled option either), and a respondent observed that you can add System Properties (for some reason, not all System Properties are displayed, and those that are not displayed have default values—apparently—and there is a way to 'make visible' the hitherto hidden properties somehow—apparently—such that the values could be changed; this functionality is not intuitively discoverable, at least not for me, and more clarity is desired). Regarding the second method I did not see the option that was indicated, namely the 'Save JavaScript' checkbox.


Please help me understand how to enable JavaScript for System Administrators for my cloud instance.