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Updated Widget causes " 502 Proxy Error"

Question asked by o.wagner on Jan 9, 2017
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we have developed a widget within a plugin that we use on the overview page. Everything was working fine on Jive 7 and 8, until we upgraded to Jive 9 (we are hosted). Before upgrading from 8 to 9, we have uninstalled every plugin (as the docs say), then we have done the upgrade (without any exceptions) and reinstalled the (updadet) plugin. Some weird things are going on since then: when accessing our jive instance the first time after finishing the upgrade, everything worked. After installing the plugins and restarted the server, the connection timed out with a 502 proxy error. When removing the widget via admin console -> settings -> widgets -> remove xxx widget, everything works again ( and everything else is accessable, causes the 502 and contains the widget).

Unfortunately, the log does not contain a single line that would hint me to the right direction. Has anybody experienced such a weird behaviour?

Ryan Rutan