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A Quick Update on the Jive Java Jersey SDK ... Hoping People Will Be Happy =)

Question asked by Ryan Rutan on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by pushpendra.paliwal

For those of your who have been following this thread,

Announcing the Jive SDK (Java) Jersey Edition on GitHub Open Source


You will know that there is growing interest in the Jive Java Jersey SDK.  Over the past few months I was able to cobble together some time here and there and make changes, and finally took some personal time last night to push it through to get a stable version of improvements checked in.


Some of the big changes:

  • Ripped out JBoss WELD CDI & Events (too complicated for most people, and not well supported in many application servers)
    • Introduced Spring 3.2.5 to replace the CDI requirements
    • Did a quick Listener/Publisher implementation that I will probably swap out at some point for the Events notification


With these items in check, I wanted to at least get them pushed out so people could start playing with them.


It is my hope that people like brettvanderhaar can help me see if this application is more Tomcat and other app server friendly now that Weld is gone.  I'm optimistic that given the current set of technologies that it should be. =)


Feel free to fork jivesoftware/jive-sdk-java-jersey · GitHub and do pull-requests back to it.  Any of your help and ideas will go towards participation in the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program

From Points to Pints in the 2014-15 Jive Developer Program


Anyways, just wanted to let you know, and have fun hacking. =)