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Converting customized widgets to tiles

Question asked by jaymenon on Jan 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by jgoldhammer

We have a number of customized widgets on our current jive on prem instance. This includes back-end modifications using custom widget classes.

As we now plan to migrate to Jive 9 (on prem), we wish to migrate most of these widgets to tiles. However, on researching Jive docs, we could not find any details as to how to build a custom tile with back-end Java classes as well.

Elaborating a bit on that,

For widgets, there are corresponding widget classes which house the functionality logic. These classes are associated with a particular SOY/FTL file for rendering the front end UI of the widgets.


For example:

In the case of the Featured Content Widget, the corresponding java class is is associated with the corresponding freemarker template (/template/widget/featured-content.ftl) via the following method:


public String render(WidgetContext widgetContext, ContainerSize size) {

        return applyFreemarkerTemplate(widgetContext, size, FREEMARKER_FILE);




We require something similar with tiles. But the documentation does not mention this association of back-end java classes with front end SOY/FTL files for rendering tiles.

We have already tried creating custom view tiles, but could not club it with our back-end logic (fetching data from the database, calling third-party APIs etc) FYI


Could you please help with some details as to how this can be achieved?

Once again, watered down, my question is:


Is there any way tile functionalities can be developed in Java classes, and then displayed on the front end using SOY/FTL files?

If yes, how does this association between a Java class and a SOY/FTL file happen?