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Jive in Docker Containers

Question asked by Mirko Swillus on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by jgoldhammer

Dear all,


where do I start when I want to dockerize a custom Jive application? The container should contain a complete Jive environment that is needed for development and test purposes, and I like to build this Docker container with our Jenkins instance and push it afterwards to our local docker registry.


The build pipeline could look like this:

  1. Build Jive Maven project (WebOverlay, Plug-Ins)
  2. Build Docker container that includes
    1. Jive WebApp
    2. Jive EAE
    3. Jive Search
    4. Jive DocConv
    5. Postgres DB
    6. Jive httpd
  3. Let the custom WebOverlay and Plug-Ins be deployed to the WebApp (maybe via steps in dockerfile?)
  4. Configure the Jive Environment (maybe via puppet, ansible or shell scripts)
    1. Initialize EAE Database (workaround Jive EAE initializer Bug)
    2. Configure Search and DocConv
    3. Configure custom and release specific system properties (maybe via a release specific data volume, that is mounted to that container)
    4. Create some standard test users with different roles
    5. ...
  5. ...
  6. Push that specific container to a local docker registry for further consumption (like deploying the docker container to a docker host that acts as a test instance).


Currently, I'm not sure if it would be a better approach to dockerize each Jive service, so that every service runs in its own container. So this setup would be even production ready...


Has anyone setup such a pipeline, or some other integrations of Jive into the Docker universe? Would be great to hear your stories and learn from your pitfalls. Thanks in advance,