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Medidata Shares Medifaces - Your Community Face Learning Game

Discussion created by Nik Edmiidz on Jul 27, 2016
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13 months ago at the NY/NJ User Group, June 18, 2015  I demonstrated Medifaces, an app/game we have for learning and remembering the faces of fellow Medidata employees. The app generated so much interest from fellow Jive users that we were asked if we could make it open source. Sometimes the wheels of bureaucracy moves slowly, however I'm proud to announce today that we have made Medifaces open source here on Github.  Anybody who wants to integrate this app with their Jive instance can provide their community members a fun way of learning the faces and names of others in their community. We also welcome collaboration to the code base in the form of pull-requests. 


Obviously it comes with no warranty, and you are free to modify and rebrand for your own purposes. Even though we cannot provide any guarantee for support, I will try to answer any questions about Medifaces here on the JC.  And you can also ask me in person tomorrow during the NYC User Group Meeting | Thursday, July 28, 2016 .