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Missing "More"-button on RecentContentWidget

Question asked by lars.kreisz on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by lars.kreisz

Hey Jivers,


our customer discovered missing "More"-buttons in the recent content widget when placed on overview pages of spaces with subspaces that have not many content items yet. It can't be the same like V6.0.3+ "More" Not Appearing in the Recent Content Widget Display as i'm on Jive


I was able to debug this and found a boolean flag that's gonne be set in a loop over all subspaces. Depending on which space the last loop item is, the more button will be hidden. If this last space have less than the initial number of items to show (default: 25), then the button is disabled although other subspaces have way more content to show.


Details: Check out RecentContentWidget.getAlternateRecentContent() and the loop over the containerMap and it's toggeling of moreResultsAvailable.


Is this a bug?