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Iterate Rest API /api/core/v3/people... for the next 25 results using OSAPI

Question asked by gopi.gorantala on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by gopi.gorantala

Hi Ryan Rutan, nilsheuerpawans


I have an OSAPI call which pulls users from REST API. Below code snippet gives me first 25results. How can I get the next successive 25 results ?



   v: "v3",
   href: "/people?filter=department("+departmentName+")"
}).execute(function (response) {



1. I am trying to get the next 25 results with the "next" link. But I am not able to get results through $.getJSON. probably I need to pass an authentication mechanism when i'm hitting the below link using $.getJSON.  Can you let me know how can I get next 25 results ?


"links" : {

  "next" : "https://XXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXX/api/core/v3/people?sort=firstNameAsc&fields=%40summary&origin=unknown&count=25&startIndex=25"