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bulk tags update in OSAPI failed for few content id's

Question asked by yogesh.r on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by yogesh.r

Hi siddhartha107


I'm trying to update the bulk tagging operations in content manager app using the custom osapi which is failing for few of the contents in selected contents id's


   v: "v3",
   href: "/contents/" + contentId + "" 
}).execute(function (content) {

  content['tags'] = newTags;  //-- updated the content object; newTags is just a sample variable
   osapi.jive.core.put({   //-- make a put call

   href:"/contents/"+ contentId + "",
   body: content

  }).execute(function (updatedContent){


In Console Error as below :



  • Not able to do any operation on events  it will return the below error message



[{"result":{"error":{"code":"objectNotFound","message":"Security Group ID 1001 does not exist"},"status":404},"id":"jive.core.get"}]


Q) how to make all the selected content id's got  updated