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400 error, "There was an error fetching file http://url. HTTP error code: 403" when trying to attach a document to a Jive place using the REST API.

Question asked by mposada on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by bmurphy

The document is reachable by cURL and the browser, but it is throwing the above error when using the REST API v3. 




    "type": "document",

    "subject": "document",

    "visibility": "place",

    "parent": "",


        { "type": "text/html",

          "text": "<body><p>This document.</p></body>"



      "doUpload": true,

       "url" : ""




Given response:



  "error" : {

  "message" : "There was an error fetching file HTTP error code: 403",

  "status" : 400




The file resides on the same server as the Jive instance. Is there anything missing on the request?