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App development - Problem with setting app productive

Question asked by o.wagner on Nov 20, 2015
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I have developed an Jive-hosted App with the Jive node sdk and testet it on our testing system, everything works perfect. Then I wanted to install the App on our productive system and as an administrator everything works as expected. But then a problem occurs: Nobody besides the admin can see the app (but the "only visible to me" flag is not set, so everybody should see the icon in the app launcher). Copying the url which comes up when accessing the app as an admin and try it as "normal" user didn't work, there comes an error message:



Then I thought that I've done something wrong and created a new sample app (the simpleapp) with the node sdk. The only thing I have modified was the clientUrl and the port, everything else is just as it comes out of the creation with the node sdk. But it's behaviour is the same, testing system: running. Productive: admin can see/access, everybody else not. What am I missing? Can't find any documentation about this behaviour. We are on jive sbs I've attached the relevant sbs log snippet and the Ryan Rutan, any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,