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Jive Classic mobile app gone from Apple App store - is this intentional?

Question asked by tmaurer Champion on Jul 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by Kate Bellard

We are a few weeks from upgrading to Jive 7, so this won't be an issue for us for long, but we had an employee today whose Jive app wasn't responding properly. She decided to delete and reinstall, but when she went to the App store, the Jive Classic app was no longer there. I just validated that - only the new "white" app (v3) is there.


Is this intentional? And if it is, why were we not given any warning? As I said, this won't be an issue for long (for my community members), but now it seems I have to tell people to sit on their thumbs and wait till we complete our upgrade.


cc: wim.stoop, anuj.verma