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Where in CORE or EAE DBs are each log in record stored?

Question asked by allanlewis67 on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by allanlewis67

We just recently began an effort to use the Analytics DB to understand our users' login counts (and all other activity) across all Jive places.  We are still in Pilot mode.


We are experiencing some strange records in our on-premises Analytics DB in which there are way too many log in (type 160) records in jivedw_activity_fact table.  Some of these are occurring on weekends. Many of these are for users who haven't logged in in a long time. Strange.  I will be working with Jive Support on this.


But since our Analytics ETL runs nightly at 2:00am here, surely there has to be somewhere in the CORE or EAE DBs where each log in record is stored, until the nightly ETL runs?


Since if a user logs in multiple times during the day, we do see multiple Analytics records.  Our system automatically logs people out after an hour of non-usage. Or is there some other instantaneous process that records the Jive logins during the day in Analytics, which I don't see data for in the most recent rows in jivedw_activity_fact table.


So surely more than the CORE::jiveUser:lastloggedin date is stored in Core or EAE DBs?  Any insights appreciated.


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