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Jive Java SDK Question

Question asked by javapan on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by Ryan Rutan

Thanks so much to Ryan Rutan! The java sdk works like a charm. I am able to build a new tile based off ExampleTableTile to bring in a list of internal tickets and display it on Jive.

I ran into few questions hope you can give me some pointers:

1. scope of the tile: seems the default is "singleton". If I added multiple tiles to different jive places, once the configuration for one tile is change, the other tile also changed. How can we make the change so that each tile instance has its own setting (assignment group for tickets)?

2. Each time I run the above command line (mvn -DclientUrl=http://your.clienturl -Dport=8090 clean package install tomcat7:run), I have to uninstall the addon and reinstall the addon again to make the addon work.  Is it normal or is there another way to build and run the addon server without invalidate the addon integration?

3. Run the addon in a standalone tomcat server. I see the war file is created after the build. Can I deploy the war to tomcat webapps folder? The context would have "jive-sdk-jersey-example". Should I rename it to "ROOT" or modify serviceContext? If so, how to modify the serviceContext?


Thansk a lot Ryan!