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Jive App on premise through air gap

Question asked by mitchel on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by Ryan Rutan

We're trying to make a Jive App work in an on-premise installation of Jive though an air gap (no Internet Connection) and it doesn't seem to work.


When I upload the package,  everything seems to work and the tables seem to be filled in the database (JiveApp, JiveAppAction, etc.)

But the app doesn't appear in the Apps menu and its actions cannot be used.


The weird thing is, if Jive is connected to the App Market, I can upload the package and the app works. And after that, I can remove the Internet connection and the app will still work.


Here is what I did to fix this problem:

In AppsMarketSyncTask, function call(), I replaced the first line to make it work:


JiveAppSyncMarketResponse state = this.send();


JiveAppSyncMarketResponse state = new JiveAppSyncMarketResponse();



Is this a bug or something?