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Place contextual conditional app actions

Question asked by tim.mila on Jul 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by hymavathi

Following the examples in App Action Contribution Reference I'm trying to create an conditional app action visible only within a specific social group.  I've created the following action-contributions entries in my app.xml


<Require feature="actions">
  <Param name="action-contributions">
  <action id="placeAction1" path="jive/actions/places/group" label="All Groups" view="place-action-view"/>
  <action id="placeAction2" path="jive/actions/places/group?filter=equals(context.ID,1017)" label="Specific Group" view="place-action-view"/>


When I browse to the social group, only the "All Groups" action contribution is visible in the social group Actions menu.  I've verified the social group identifiers are 1001 (groupId) and 1017 (browseId).  I have also tried context.parentObjectID property passing the value 1001 without success.  If I remove the "?filter" querystring from "placeAction2" both app actions are visible in the social group Actions menu.


I'm currently using in a local environment and the add-on will eventually be deployed into a Hosted environment.  Is there something obvious I'm overlooking?  Are there known issues with this functionality?  Something else going on?