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Pull data for Onboarding

Question asked by amit.bhonsle on Jun 9, 2014
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I am trying to pull the data for onboarding of users. Mainly fetching what different levels user completed at "Get-Started"


Through firebug I got to know about this API call: <>__services/v2/rest/onboarding

which gives you data something like this:

  "totalSteps" : 15,

  "totalStepsComplete" : 15,


"type" : "jive_for_office",

      "name" : "ob.contribute_office",

     "state" : "completed",

      "visibility" : "",

      "viewData" : { },



I have heard that we cannot make a call directly to __services/v2/rest/onboarding  and such data can be pulled using core/v3 REST API.

However I do not find anything which pulls data for on-boarding of all users.

The requirement is to see how many users completed "Get-started" and on what step they are.

Ryan Rutan Is there a way to pull on-boarding data through API?