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Which template to modify to move 'App Actions' up ?

Question asked by snigdha.challa on May 7, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by SunilKr

I have some apps which are deployed as add-ons. Since I used path="jive/actions/content/*" these app actions appear in the right sidebar when viewing content.(You can see the apps below - 'Copy Document'  and 'Report questionable content').


As you can see in the picture, 'APP ACTIONS' appears under 'ACTIONS'. I want to move the APP ACTIONS section above the ACTIONS section. Ryan Rutan  I know you mentioned that this is not currently supported in Jive. But is there a way to do this by modifying templates. If it is a minor template change, we are ready to do it coz the Apps are more important to us than the Actions.


I did my research on the templates. In jive 6 - I know that we had





that could be modified for the above purpose.


In Jive 7 - which templates can I modify ?


Also, in the same template will I be able to change 'App Actions' to something more specific to our firm ?