Giraffe: Unofficial application for Jive

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Hello Everyone!

For the last few months I've been working on Android client for Jive communities. And I want to share with you the first alpha version ready to use. )

It's just alpha with very-very limited functionality, but I plan to grow it into a production solution.

I want to ask you for some help. If you're ready to join this unofficial project and build Giraffe client together for fun or self-education please let me know. If you want to you can help with the development, testing, or just feedback. Any comments are highly appreciated too.



If you want to try current version you can download it from Google Play by link , search for "giraffe jive" or via QR code:


Features in Giraffe 0.0.8

  • Sign in via and your email in username
  • Browse common activities and your inbox
  • View posts and comments
  • Reply to the posts and comments
  • Download files

Known issues

  • It's only for Android
  • You can't navigate through Places such as communities, blogs,... (coming soon)
  • You can't like or follow content (coming soon)
  • No search available

Before you write that something is not working please read open issues. May be somebody already wrote about it.

Screenshots from Giraffe


Giraffe development and testing

Girrafe is an open-source project. You can find all the sources on the github. And if you want to add a new issue or feature request, feel free to do it here.Project uses Java and was build with maven. If you have any how-to's questions please let me know.