How to use gamification to engage employees - #swarm

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Gamification is a great way to make work fun!

"People may be motivated by getting a gift card, but what really drives them is recognition [as well as] status, access power and stuff," says Zichermann.

"Gamification is about driving business objectives and motivating people through data. It's not new but it has suddenly become more powerful because we have all this data available to us," says Paharia.
"It's about figuring out ways to create alignment with incentives and motivation," says Zichermann.

3 tips to jump-start gamification:

  • Delegate a point person for advancing gamification ideas
  • Get your point person certified in gamification design
  • Identify where the internal and external engagement issues are, and use gamification to correct this

What are some best practices you've discovered when preparing to launch gamification in your community?


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