• Looking for a Host for Our Next NYC User Group!

    Hello dear NYC Jive User Group members!   It's long time that we put together an event to come together, discuss, chat and enjoy some tasty beverages!   We're looking at late August for the next event, either Tuesda...
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  • NYC User Group 20-Mar - Session Minutes

    AGENDA -- TOPICS FROM THE EVENT   ·         Mike -- "Launching an Intranet: Converting from a siloed Sharepoint and a widgetized home page to a News-Stream based home page"   ·         Julie -- we are struggling wit...
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  • Is this thing on?

    Is the NYC User group still a thing? Is anyone out there? Since the acquisition last year, it seems that a lot of the conversation around here has gone dark. Wondering if there's anyone still involved and anyone with ...
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  • Medidata Shares Medifaces - Your Community Face Learning Game

    13 months ago at the NY/NJ User Group, June 18, 2015  I demonstrated Medifaces, an app/game we have for learning and remembering the faces of fellow Medidata employees. The app generated so much interest from fellow J...
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • Has anyone switched to Jive rewards?

    Has anyone switched from Bunchball Gamification to to Jive rewards? And would you be willing to presenting about it at the NYC User Group Meeting | Thursday, July 28, 2016 ?
    Nik Edmiidz
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  • Welcome to the NYC User Group!  Please introduce yourself.

    Hello and welcome to the NYC User Group! The purpose of this group is to give our customers, prospects, and general social business enthusiasts a place to look for people in their area to discuss social business.  As ...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • How to recruit a Community Manager?

    Hi All,   Let me start by saying this is not an attempt to recruit from the User Group, I know that would be in poor taste.   My company is based out of NY and has another office in Edison NJ. We have been looking ...
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  • User Group Recap and Plan for Next Time

    Hi all, we had a great User Group Meeting on Thursday. Here's what we did: Tim Albright gave a fantastic talk on gamification.  You can see his presentation and my notes here: Tim Albright's Gamification Presentation...
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  • New York - Jive User Group for Q1 - 2013?  Any Takers?

    Ryan Rutan -- I'd be interested. Could also potentially host up to about 30 people (seated) in Midtown Manhattan.
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  • NYC User Group Meeting in July, any takers?

    All, as eluded to in the following posts: Take Two User Groups and See Us at JiveWorld12   Jive is looking to offer discounted rates to User Group attendees that convene for a meeting in July!  Agreeably, this is ...
    Ryan Rutan
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