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NYC User Group

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HI folks -- Woaw. It's been since July 2016 that we saw each other as a NYC user group! How about that?

My first attempt to poll for an upcoming get-together got 9 replies, so I'm trying a bit of a different approach with this blog. 


I've volunteered to coordinate and would like to get us back together:


1. Take a survey and let us know where you're at. Here's the link : NYC User Group - November 2017 Check-In Survey

2. With the feedback from the survey, set a date and find a spot that we can meet and see each other for a User Group.

3. Form a committee to lead the NYC User Group going forward.


Please feel free to be honest in your survey responses. You can be anonymous there if you like.


Looking forward to it!

Mike O.

Hi NY Jive Customers,


Whether you were able to attend JiveWorld and can't get enough of connecting with your peers, or even if you weren't able to join this year, we're giving you another chance to continue the connections and conversations.  We received so many comments from customers asking us how we could continue the excitement of JiveWorld in some way throughout the year and so guess what, we listened!  Our goal is simple - help every customer stay connected and maximize their success with Jive.


speakers.pngMore specifically, we have the Power of Connection Tour that kicks off May 18 in New York City and you'll get a chance to hear from great customers like jjlovett from CA Technologies and howardscohen from Chubb as they share about their digital transformation journeys (we're just getting Howard's pic up on the registration page so I didn't have that's why it's missing on the right).  You'll also have a chance to engage with industry experts on digital transformation, including Jive's CMO, david.puglia and industry pundit timothy.wike who led Thomson Reuter's implementation with Jive for many years.


This will be a half-day event so block your calendars now and register online here.

Here's the agenda with areas of focus:



We hope to see as many of you there as possible!  If you have any questions please comment here or reach out directly to either katie.herd or kristen.jetter who are coordinating this tour for Jive.




Sr. Director, Customer Marketing