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Some people might ask, Why Gamification? What can it do for me? In short, Gamification can motivate your users to take certain actions, create passion, skills, and expertise, as well as provide intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. deannab from Cisco, and datajunky from Bunchball, teach us at JiveWorld16, in order for gamification to be successful, there is more than just setting up missions.


So what is in the secret sauce?

  • First, understand your audience - Analyze their behaviors
  • Start small - Pilot your gamification plan
  • Set KPI's and Basellines - these can be things like:
    • Increase user contributions
    • Improve return rates
    • Increase social referrals
    • Elevate user registrations
    • Increase leads
    • Reward top contributors
    • Increase active users


Example of goals from Cisco's gamification plan. Click image to enlarge.


  • Build - Make it fun!
    • Prioritize community Actions - know what behavior and actions you want to reward for.
    • Badges should be appealing to users, so they are proud to show them off. Example of some of Cicso's badges, to the right (click image to enlarge).
  • Measure
  • Learn - what did the results teach us?


  • And lastly, Repeat




If you are getting deeper into gamification or are interested in advanced gamification, I recommend that you check out the Gamification, Engagement, and Rewards space. You can ask questions, review documents, and see what others have done.





Additional materials/further reading: