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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16

1 Post authored by: sam_ca

Much like spammers one of the attributes of vampires is that they need to be invited in.  These monsters (vampires and spammers) can do no harm if they are refused entry. When the occasional spammer pops up it is easy to moderate but when spam comes in waves after waves it is another thing altogether. Severe spam attacks can turn communities into spam repeaters, damage analytics, damage trust with customers and even take sites offline.


Starting at the end of 2014, the CA Communities and many other Jive communities were attacked by waves spammers. After several losing attempts at increasing moderation and spending days cleaning up after the attacks, our community team decided to stop the attacks at the source and worked out an approach that has not only prevented the attacks but has the potential to help clean user data overall.


Attend Best Practices to Prevent and Moderate Spam | JiveWorld Session  to learn how we:


  • Created an automated set of web services that checks any new registrations as they are created through a common registration page, letting the good guys in, blocking the bad guys and helping us keep an eye on the unknowns.
  • Utilized the latest Spam service integration and offerings from Jive
  • Identified and fixed spam entry points
  • Got our sanity back!