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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16

1 Post authored by: nikhilnulkar

JiveWorld is a 2-day conference that ends up feeling like a week long of learning! It starts with Boot Camp & the developer Hackathon as part of the pre-conference agenda which leads to two long days of intense sessions then finishes with a lot of informal meet ups, networking and partying! Here's my experience from one such JiveWorld.


First couple of days after returning from a fantastic #JiveWorld in Las Vegas and couldn’t be a better time to put down some of my thoughts from the conference.


I have to admit, I do not go to a lot of conferences, but JiveWorld was in the pure sense a complete #socbiz experience. If you’ve been in this #socbiz industry (or related fields such as community management, knowledge management, enterprise 2.0, etc.), you would be familiar with some of the key objectives and challenges organizations face in this space and the expectations people have when it comes to conferences!


Enter JiveWorld, and voila you get a complete package! JiveWorld felt a lot more like a practitioners conference than a vendor driven event hearing only about the awesomeness of their product. Don’t get me wrong, yes, of course Jive has many sessions including some of the key note sessions focused on highlighting their product roadmap and new functionality. If you've ever attended JiveWorld then you would know that a lot of the other sessions were focused on learning how to solve key business problems around collaboration and community management. To me, that really was a big take-away from the event.


jiveworld image.jpeg

Demo Theatre session Pawan Shah & I delivered  at JiveWorld13 along with Ilan Twig co-founder of StreamOnce, about a custom solution we built on top of StreamOnce for GMail integration)


On that note, let me talk about specific aspects which really makes JiveWorld a great conference.


  • Opportunity to meet Jivers (read… a lot of Jivers). And here I’m talking about product engineers and the likes and not just the sales/senior folks! It’s like you can talk to that guy who built that particular feature in Jive. It’s not even funny the kind of questions I’ve got answers for, from these nice and really helpful Jivers. It’s one of the best opportunities one can get to know more about a product and get all your questions answered.
  • Breakout sessions focused on practitioners learning. There were dedicated tracks at the conference focusing on community engagement & adoption, collaboration use-cases, customer success stories, social business boot camp, executive alignment & coaching, and of course functional tracks focusing on sales, marketing, communications and strategy.
  • Opportunity to meet, interact and learn from industry stalwarts. Besides meeting Jivers, you can also meet industry leaders including dhinchcliffe, alanlepo, gilyehuda, Rachel.Happe and many more. Not only were they speakers on some of panels but also available throughout the conference to meet informally.
  • Tons of diverse networking opportunities. Irrespective if you are a Jive customer/vendor/partner/practitioner, JiveWorld gives you so many options to meet like-minded people at a variety of places at the conference including but not limited to demo theater, solution showcase and apps marketplace, sponsor expo hall, breakout sessions, hackathons and not to forget the early morning runners club & yoga sessions!
  • Perfect mix of attendees & events. From what was evident, there was a excellent attendee mix — vendors, partners and customers. It was also good to see the diversity with a great balance between the number of men & women in list of speakers and attendees. And last but not the least, a good tempo between formal & casual — dressing, interaction and everything else!
  • Fun & informal networking. Starting with the welcome reception party, to the beer and lounging at hackathons, and the partner/customer specific dinners, to the closing parties. Classic example of learning made fun. Oh and not to forget meeting old friends and making new ones in such a short span.
  • The JiveWorld mobile app & game series. This is one of the key contributors to why Jive World was a #socbiz conference in truest form. The JiveWorld mobile app was such a complete package. It really was the only thing one needed through the conference. It had everything in it. There will always be room for improvement, but the fact that one hardly saw any papers/flyers/brochures distributed about the conference says a lot! As they say, these days if you need anything, there is an app for it! On the other hand about the game series; Of late we have heard so much about the gamification concept and the role in plays in a community and the larger social business landscape. JiveWorld was a classic example of how to apply game mechanics to specific objectives. The game series was beautifully designed with so many missions focusing on different objectives and suiting such a diverse variety of attendees. There was something in it for everyone and many got into it thanks to the game series. It was not just about points, badges and leaderboard, but really about engaging all the attendees into the conference.


To sum it all up, JiveWorld is all about people. Meeting people, sharing experiences and building relationship with other customers, partners and Jivers is an enriching experience. I've attended three JiveWorlds so far and I always look forward to meeting old and new friends in person. IMHO there’s tremendous learning opportunity at JiveWorld, not only about Jive as a company or platform, but about the larger social business community network.