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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16

5 Posts authored by: Libby Taylor

Typically, the first week back after JiveWorld is always a tough one. Perhaps you're battling the cold virus that everyone got; or maybe you're still recovering from the conference party hangover; or it's likely you're still catching up on the long list of emails and community updates from while you were out.


But for me, I'm still riding the high of witnessing how you, members of the Jive Community, went over and beyond this year in community participation in the JiveWorld16 group, reaching our highest community engagement numbers for JiveWorld ever! You truly turned it up to eleven!

Image result for turn it up to 11


It all started with Getting creative with JiveWorld16... I would love your thoughts! We asked what you wanted out of JiveWorld16 and you answered. There were 16,000+ views on this discussion thread and more than 158 comments! We took your comments inside Jive to our employee community, Brewspace, sifting and categorizing these ideas until we knew where they belonged in the JiveWorld planning. And then the JiveWorld team did what they did best: EXECUTED on as many of them as possible.


Top 5 Wishes Granted

  • Interactive Sessions - All of Jive 101 Boot Camp was completely interactive as well as most of the Advanced Community Management sessions. People talking to people about their own questions and providing their own answers. Check.
  • Meet Ups - If you build it, they will come. In this case, to the Meet Up Lounge. More than 15 meetups were scheduled through The JiveWorld Meet Up Lounge: Come Join or Reserve Your Own Spot.  Blow-up lounge chairs and a life-size jenga game added some spice to the area. We even pulled together some more 'official' meet ups in conference rooms and provided the gangs with mojitos! Yum.
  • Blind Dates - We wanted to connect people in similar community situations. So, all of the seating at Jive 101 Boot Camp was assigned based upon attendee community type as well as their industry. In addition, many of the meet-up groups were based upon these characteristics.
  • 1:1 with An Expert - We paired each Boot Camp table with an existing Jive customer/expert. We also had experts on hand in the Jive demo booth for additional 1:1 expert help. Fabulous responses from both activities.
  • Equal Time for Jive-x & Jive-n - With each community type having its own track, we gave both community types equal billing. We addressed specifics for both Jive-n and Jive-x communities in Jive 101 Boot Camp as well.


The Best JiveWorld Ever?

We feel that this was THE BEST JiveWorld ever when it came to community participation. But it isn't just a feeling: the community numbers speak for themselves:


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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16


Let's talk about the blogs for one moment... 59 blogs in JiveWorld16! We created Want to be a JiveWorld guest blogger? Sign up here | Jive Community  Want to be a JiveWorld guest blogger? Sign up today! and so many people responded. The Jive community stepped up to the challenge. Even more people blogged than those who had signed up! And the session summary blogs are still rolling in. What a great way to collaborate and continue conversations started in the JiveWorld breakout sessions!


I want to specifically thank each and every blogger:

lorilea scottwdennis adina.schoeneman Stephanie Standring rcarney Dennis Pearce Dina Vekaria-Patel spharticus thomaslady Michelle Gantt umillm6 Deborah de Freita hannans scottshive susan_rubio tnilson alysse.esmail dme biray molly.elwood wendy.wilson Emilie alexandra.lockwood briandavidjohnson brett.blackney lfb darcy.pierce  Ryan Rutan Mike Mercado kosheno.moore cflanagan17 sam_ca becky.leung nikhilnulkar Kathryn adam.mertz Iain Goodridge

Closing Remarks

And of course, a big thanks to the Jive Community at large. Should I have expected anything less from community of community managers? You guys are the best and make my job wonderful!


JiveWorld Day 2 is typically when the emotions come out for me. Let's bring it to the table people, let's talk about the feelings. jiveworldfeels


I've been so lucky to meet so many of our community members in real time: scottwdennis and rcarney; Jessica Maxson; Matt Laurenceau; Dina Vekaria-Patel Ben Zweig Keeley Sorokti robleslie smoghe Patty McEnaney christina_pedulla just to mention a few...


What strikes me across all of these people and all of their stories is now Jive changes lives and how it changes how we work.


I spoke with judelettrich who used to work for Jive and now works at MapR and we chatted about how once you've changed your workstyle to Jive it's really painful to work any other way. I talked to deirdrewalsh who stated that using Jive is a condition of employment at any company she works at.


How is it that a piece of software can actually alter the lives of people so significantly?


It's because this software is all about how people connect with each other. And the power of connection (besides being a great theme for a conference) is what makes life more meaningful and fulfilling. It's seriously is.



Jive is… video. Did it make you get the feels just a little bit?


Recapping Main Stage Day 2


Profiling Orange

Our first customer profile was kicked off by david.macmillan and featured jean.daries Directeur du Project Plaza from Orange. As a top global employer global in 2016, their community Plazza is at the center of how they conduct business.

  • Reaching 100k user profiles
  • 9100+ communities
  • 17k questions
  • 150k documents


Brian David Johnson – Futurist


The computer of tomorrow is bacteria! Photo credit: dilshad.simons


Brain David models what it feels like to be a human in the future. What do we need to do today to scope out the future we want? Right now, we live in a world of devices that are ever-shrinking… from desktops, to laptops, to tables, to smart phones. As computing gets smaller, we can turn anything into a computer. The question is not 'can we turn things into computers' but what we want to do with that power and why we want to do it.


A shift is occurring and eventually all of things we consider devices are going to disappear. We will be surrounded by computers as they will be woven into the fiber of our clothes and maybe even implanted in our skin, our blood.


It's easy to focus on how rapidly things are changing. The key take-away is: You can’t be passive about the future, we all have the power to build it with the stories we tell. We have to ask ourselves what kind of future we want and what kind of future we want to avoid.


Futurecasting uses social science and anthropology, economics, trend research, and expert interviews. Brian David has spent some time in the Jive Community talking with all of you. He also used the Jive Community to come up with some thoughts on the following:


Brian David even brought a few customers on stage:

"Don't need office culture any more. They don't feel isolated if they are not in an office - his generation create's a community by themselves." - judicardinal and her 26 year-old son.

and Steven from PWC is seeing a trend towards smaller organizations, larger contingent work forces, rapid on-boarding, and rapid deployment.


Work is not work

The key is to design work so that people can find intrinsic value in what they do. - Patty McEnaney

If we are taking on a task bigger than ourselves, then we are usually ore successful. We will do better work. Get beyond the idea of work itself. We need to reimagine work, because the kind of work we will be doing in 5-10 years will be totally different. If you find yourself asking, "Is this actually a job?" then you are on the right side of the future, finding new ways of working.  Work is not just work, where we choose to spend our time actually matters… It used to be work was a place that you went to. Then the internet was born and work became something you DID. Now, work is intertwined into who we are and what we do.


Contribute meaning

It's quite interesting that the comments on the thread #1 Job Skill for the Future: Be Human also seem to be converging on the idea of story-telling as something that is unlikely to be automated any time soon. - yrnclndymn

And John Schwiller regarding the notion of how we communicate: we tell each other stories.


How we work is that we actually contribute to each other. It doesn’t happen alone at your desk, it happens we we are talking meaningfully to each other.


Reimagine the value of people


Our ability to collaborate and communicate with each other will be critical. He asked for everyone to tweet their thoughts to him. Tweet your thoughts to @bdjfuturist


So how do we change the future?

We do that by changing the story that people tell themselves about the future they will live in. Everyone has to own their part in it. Then talk to each other. Talk about the future you want and the future you want to avoid. It’s local and it’s how you connect with people.


Customer Story: Pearson


england_k Global Community Director, Pearson spoke about being a part of the Jive family for over 5 years.Pearson facts: 40k employees in 70 countries. They've seen tremendous growth, and started with 127 intranets all moving this activity in one Jive: NEO. At Pearson, Jive is about their people. Kim loves and worships News because they can put front-and-center the things that are important to them, yet at the same time it's dynamic.

One of their recent successes... The Summit Meeting (physical meeting ) with 100 executives in person, and 10k colleagues globally. Included a contest for roving reporters who also attended the event in order to share with the community. Additionally, they launched a new brand in Jan 2016, in one month alone had 8k colleagues engage in the content.


Product Presentation - Day 2


ofer.bendavid expanded on the power of connection… It’s all about the people. Give people the power to come together in their own workstyle. Jive is the hub that brings it all together though activity, search analytics, insights and integrations. We are moving to collaboration without borders. With context and personalization; identity and shared services. Bring up Nick Hill…  VP of Products, future vision of the product… you in the center.


How to make this happen:

  • Single identity. Simplicity for the business one single place to manage users. This doesn’t mean we have one profile, find a spammer and can deactivate them from across all of your communities.
  • Unified services. All of the services that power the jive functionality. Putting people at the center, see all of the content you own.


Ofer and nick demo’ed how the sharing across community would work. Content publishing: one to many. Develop the content in your internal instance and publish easily and quickly from the same doc out to mulitple other instances. This concept would include messaging, video, tasks, files, insights, rewards, and integrations!

The Jive Workhub is the engine that connects relevant people, information, and things to work better together in today’s digital world.


A moment of silence

When one of our own is missing, we feel it keenly. A moment of silence was held in memory of Kristen.Ritter .

See Remembering a fierce social business champion and a generous friend


Jive Awards


I don't want to short change the Jive Awards, so we'll be posting about it in another blog. Watch for it!

I've never been to JiveWorld. (Blog first published in 2014)


On top of that, I've never really attended many conferences either. Or traveled much. So it's safe to say that I have no idea what to pack for JiveWorld.


Belinda and I got together one weekend to go through my stuff.


Of course, I argued that the tambourine and the puppy were both very helpful things to have while traveling, but Belinda insists that they are NOT.



Here's belinda.joseph list of the top ten things to pack for JiveWorld:


  1. Comfortable shoes: Those six-inch heels might look like fun but after about 3 1/2 minutes of walking you will find out they are not. Comfortable, that is.
  2. Comfortable clothes: All that sitting, walking and milling about is exhausting. Wear something comfy!
  3. Party wear! Dancing shoes and a nice party outfit will fit the bill for Thursday night. Think casual club wear since we'll be at Drai's Beach Club.
  4. Medication stash: Plan ahead for over indulgences... Pain relievers, acid/gas reducers, allergy and sinus medications, in addition to vitamins are all definitely on my list of things to bring.
  5. Emergency snacks: Sure, there will be food everywhere. But maybe you get stuck somewhere and miss lunch or get the late night munchies! Be prepared, people. My favorite snacks are protein bars.
  6. Sleep aids: White noise, ear plus, eye mask, melatonin... bring whatever will help you get to sleep. Days are going to be busy, busy, busy, so you'll need your rest!
  7. Your devices and chargers. Duh. As if you'd forget your phone, iPad, laptop or whatever other computer accessories you use. But maybe you'd forget to bring multiple chargers. And the power supply for your laptop. Bring 'em.
  8. Gum or breath mints: You're going to be meeting a lot of new people, so make it a pleasant experience.
  9. Sunglasses. You'll be inside most of the day but this is still the desert, folks. If you steps outside the conference doors at all, you are going to wish you brought your shades.
  10. Load the JiveWorld app: The app will drive your schedule and enrich your experience. Download it before you arrive and have the schedule in the palm of your hand!


What are you bringing to JiveWorld?

I might just have to bring the Stormtrooper helmet in case the closing night party gets out of hand.


Haven't registered yet? It's not too late!

Visit our website: JiveWorld16 - March 14-16, 2016 - Las Vegas

Believe me, I know. Right now all you can think about is preparing for the holidays. We've got Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year's Eve mere days away, so why should you be worrying about JiveWorld?





Imagine a conference session that goes a little something like this: Hey buddy, high-five! Fist bump!


Specifically, I'm talking about Boot Camp. And not because it's my baby and I'm in charge of pulling all of the pieces together. No, not just because of that.


Boot Camp is like conference summer camp. Or like kindergarten for communities, but in a good way. Not the hair-pulling and paste-eating parts of kindergarten. But the fun, learning, game playing, everybody gets a chance to play kind of kindergarten. Yay!

Maybe we need a parachute at Boot Camp.


No seriously.


The agenda is going to be amazing, the intent is to provide you with tangible information for launching your own community, punctuated with customer stories, games, and table activities. Let me sum it up below (times are approximate):

  • Welcome and Ice Breaker (8:00 am)
    After explaining what you are going to learn, we will lead you through a fun-and-easy ice breaker so that you can get to know the people sitting at your round tables.
  • Why Communities Matter (8:30 am)
    Maybe you're not convinced or maybe you are—or maybe you still have some convincing to do internally. It helps to hear from the experts about the top objectives for communities as well as how they bring value to their companies. We'll also talk about the top kinds of use cases.
  • Phase 1 of Launching a Community: Plan (9:30 am)
    We will help you define your community (real or imagined), develop community missions and goals, name the community and talk about the different types of communities. Along with your table-mates, you will discuss your top 3 use cases and your criteria for success.
  • Phase 2 of Launching a Community: Design & Build (10:30 am)
    We will cover what you want people to do/feel when they hit your home page, the key places (destinations), layout how-to for designing a home pagenderstanding place layouts, widgets, tiles and more.
  • Lunch (12 noon)
  • Phase 3 of Launching a Community: Launch (1 pm)
    Get to know the four pillars of launch planning: communication, education, recognition, advocate/champions! We will talk about content prep and adoption tactics as well as share a few customer examples with you.
  • Phase 4 of Launching a Community: Manage & Grow (2 pm)
    Learn about the governance models and necessary roles for your community. We'll tell you more about measurement and how to make it happen for your use cases.
  • Summarize and tell us what you learned! (3:15 pm)
    At this point, you've been working all day with your table-mates, so we want to hear what you've come up with for your communities! What did you name it? What are your top three call-to-actions for your community? Did you win at launching a community? Yes, there is even a Boot Camp game!
  • How to Survive JiveWorld (4 pm)
    Now you are ready to tackle the rest of the conference! We've got a few long-time JiveWorlders who are going to talk about the key ways to get the most out of the conference.
  • Release you into the wild! (4:45 pm)
    Take a little time for yourself before cocktails or dinner. Simmer in your head about what you've learned.


What if you have questions after Boot Camp?

Experts will be on hand in the Jive Booth (in the exhibit hall) to answer your questions and help you work out any kinks in your community launch plans.


So if you are considering launching a community, or in the middle of launching a community, you should sign up for Boot Camp to gobble up all of the learning you possibly can. Plus, with the round table format of Boot Camp, you are bound to meet some incredible people that you can continue to know and grow with during JiveWorld and even afterwards, here, in the Jive Community!


Already registered for JiveWorld and want to add Boot Camp to your schedule? We can fix that, simply email: with your request.


Haven't registered for JiveWorld yet? Get on the Boot Camp train!


JiveWorld16 Agenda: March 14-16, 2016



Throughout the month of December, you'll automatically be entered to win our Las Vegas VIP Experience drawing when you register for JiveWorld16! With private airport transportation, a suite upgrade, an Aria Resort gift card and access to exclusive VIP activities throughout the week, don't miss this opportunity to experience JiveWorld in the highest style—like the very important person you are. Register Now.

Believe me when I say that the minute January 1 comes and the calendar turns over to 2016, JiveWorld will seem like it's right around the corner. You might think JiveWorld is just another user conference and you can leave your planning to the last minute. If you did that, you'd most likely miss some of the great things JiveWorld has to offer.


Below are some Dos and Don'ts to get you thinking about what you want for your own JiveWorld experience. Thanks to trishaliu and Emilie for pulling this list together!



Wear comfortable shoes just like OK Go did at JiveWorld14


Dos and Don'ts


DO Install the JiveWorld Mobile App

  • Follow the [ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16 space to find out when the Mobile App is available from the app store
  • Probably one of the best event mobile apps you'll see, it's award winning!
  • You can stay on top of your schedule, find out where to go for events, and play JiveWorld games


DO plan your schedule

  • What are your interests and needs?
    • Internal / external community
    • Industry
    • Product features
  • Can you divide and conquer?
  • Be flexible, embrace the serendipity
  • Look out for recordings for the sessions you missed
  • Build your custom schedule in the Mobile App by picking sessions from different tracks


DON'T be afraid to speak up during sessions

  • Ask questions, even ones you might think are silly
  • Share your anecdote/story, people want to hear it


DO introduce yourself and meet people

  • Don't be afraid to introduce yourself during event
    • Network, and collect business cards
    • Connect with people on the Jive Community
  • DO share as much as you can about your project and the goals for your community
    • Use the attendees as a sounding board for your ideas, gather some new ones, you're surrounded by experts and like-minded people - it's time to geek out about community!
  • Introduce yourself to Jivers, they want to meet you!
    • Meet Ryan Rutan, Libby Taylor, Gia Lyons and more! Look for us in the Jive Booth
  • Building your connections is probably the most valuable thing you will take home from JiveWorld - where else can you sit in a room with 100s of other community managers at the same time?


A well-stocked first aid kit is always a good idea


DO prepare yourself

  • Aspirin
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Phone and computer charger
  • Business cards
  • Extra layer
  • Room key!


DO pace yourself - DON'T worry if you feel overwhelmed. It's normal!

  • Might feel like drinking from a fire hose
  • We were all newbies at some point
  • There is just too much goodness to try and pack it all in. There's always next year.
  • Take a mental break when you need it (p.s. there have been ice cream breaks in the past!)


DO Share the experience

  • Take notes, pictures, tweet and blog


DO relax and have fun


Showing at Aria, Zarkana™ by Cirque du Soleil® is a spirited voyage through an abandoned theater where an extraordinary circus comes back to life.


DO bring back new ideas and lessons learned to your own community When you get back tot he office (and feed your cat)

  • Think: How am I going to get sent back next year?
  • Jive is creating a presentation that you can share with your boss - look for it in the JiveWorld community group and on SlideShare
  • Suggestion: Jive World Trip Report on your internal blog


DON't ignore the Jive Community after JiveWorld


For those of you who have attended JiveWorld before, what tips and tricks would you add?